Knitwear Essentials, With a Twist


Ply-Knits is fine knitwear designed and made by Carolyn Yim. They are made by her family business of knitwear experts, who have manufactured fine knitwear for luxury brands for three generations. 


Carolyn is piqued by how women of great character across history, literature, cinema and art had dressed. These women seemed to possess innate decorum, inimitably in a room and a wardrobe of their own. And the shared thread of good style comes down to, simply, three and a half things: proportion, astute colors, excellent materials, and lastly, a tiny element of surprise.


Simple on the surface, but quite difficult to master! Ply-Knits hopes to make this process easier by offering the foundational pieces for women to build their wardrobe and their own style upon. Proportions follow the natural high-waist line; colors are unusual, meticulous; materials are sourced from only the best; design is simple but with a hint of a twist.


Having grown up around her grandmother's knitwear manufacturing business, Carolyn is keen to not produce more waste. Therefore, Ply-Knits knitwear is cleverly remade from deadstock or upcycled yarn, made with the most sustainable methods where possible. Carolyn and her father seek and collect vintage cashmeres, merinos, and silks from top family mills, such as superfine merinos from Botto Giuseppe, and unusual cottons from Lineapille. She knits them at her family's third-generation ISO-standardized sustainable knitwear factory


Before Ply-Knits, Carolyn studied literature at Columbia University. Her work has been covered in VOGUE, VOGUE Japan, Wallpaper*, Paper Magazine, New York Magazine, AnOther Magazine, Mastermind Magazine, among others.