The PLY—KNITS philosophy is to collect a library of uncomplicated, elegant knitwear.


With careful discernment, one will notice the common thread. All pieces start from exquisite material such as peppery merinos, sensual cashmeres. They are distilled down to knitwear that quietly uphold an uncomplicated sense of fine, strong elegance.

Creative Director, Carolyn Yim draws on her family's three-generation heritage of working with institutions including Christian Dior, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ralph Lauren. All knitwear is made with the Yim family’s knitters. The collection has a wide breadth of plys, from 0.5-ply paper-thin underpinnings, to 12-ply hefty, creamy cardigans.

The lead character of the collection is thoughtful, intellectual, with an acute self-awareness across history and place. She carries herself with aplomb yet humility. She is at once artistic, deliberate, and prefers being polite. Others may describe her as graceful, yet she just thinks that’s because they haven’t seen her spill her tea accidentally...