Ply–Knits is a library of knitwear in plys from 1 to 12, to help the modern, thoughtful woman build an enduring, endearing wardrobe of classic clothing.

At Ply–Knits, cashmeres and merinos are issued in uncommon weights, from superfine 1-ply grand merino tanks as light as crepe, to peachy 12-ply cashmere cardigans as heavy as cream. Using premium natural fibers only—peppery Tasmanian merinos, plush Alashan cashmeres, exquisite Thai silks—the collection pares back luxurious materials, elegant forms, and unexpected textures to a refined simplicity. But, as with minimalist simplicity, the devil is in the details. To the discerning eye that knows where to look, nothing at Ply–Knits is basic or boring. Quietly innovative materials such as weather and wash-friendly merino wool design a life easier lived. Considered finishing noticeable in the hand-linked, fully- fashioned shoulders subtly nod towards a true luxury among those in the know. 

A Family Affair

Creative director Carolyn grew up immersed in the world of knitwear. Her grandmother, Madam Lee, most notably made and embroidered the shockingly sheer, bias-cut pointelle knit gown by John Galliano for Dior Couture. 


Carolyn studied literature and the arts at Columbia University. She began her career at Saks Fifth Avenue as a merchant in the Haute Couture department, working with Giambattista Valli and Chanel, before joining the family business. Over the years, she acquired a deep knowledge of what makes good knitwear by studying under her father, refining a strong instinctive sensitivity towards materials.

Ply–Knits is made in the Yim family’s responsible knitwear manufacturer based in Hong Kong and Dongguan. The collection is zero-waste, conscious of preserving the precious resources and ecosystem that make up the beautiful clothes on our back.

Ply–Knits Woman

The lead character of the collection is thoughtful, intellectual, with an acute self-awareness across history and place. She car- ries herself with aplomb yet humility. She is at once artistic, deliberate, and prefers being polite. Others may describe her as graceful, yet she just thinks that’s because they haven’t seen her spill her tea accidentally.