This is for my family.
Ply-Knits is not a collection, not a moodboard, not a fashion, not an essential. Ply-Knits is a creative project, a photographic series, a musical mood, a constant inquiry for meaning. I grew up with yarn—it is my vocabulary and my blank canvas for free creative expression. Ply-Knits has been my personal journey to understand my family’s knitwear business in the context of the ever-changing world and myself.

I have always found clothing with a one-faceted total look alienating, because I had never fit into one singular mold. I grew up torn between colonial British and post-Handover Chinese Hong Kong, went to a British school, live in New York, hold multiple citizenships, and carry my Shanghainese grandparents’ taste palate. Now I realize: I am of multitudes. I am the tension where all of the above meet. Constantly pushing and pulling. I can be both Eastern and Western, masculine and feminine, artistic and entrepreneurial, content and ambitious, of both binaries and every shade in between. Because life is never just black and white.

If this resonates with you, of never fitting into one particular mold, I hope you find your own story of identity too. When I started Ply-Knits, I chose this name that is deliberately plain and unassuming, so this clothing could, too, be a blank canvas for you. Because I do not believe I should make clothes that dictate to you what mold to adopt that will finally make you “enough". Good style is being comfortable in your own skin. I follow this ethos in all my designs, while woven with a foundation of best possible materials.

A “ply” is an industry metric for yarn weight. It also means a life-long trade. My family and I have made knitwear for so long that it is inseparable to how we think. Because yarns are my family’s DNA for three generations, I approach sustainability for the next three generations by using the best materials using the best production methods. Because when I clothe you in the best yarn, I am treating both you and the maker with the highest respect and integrity.

Carolyn Yim
Creator of Ply-Knits