Double Trouble!

Jenny Walton for Ply-Knits

We teamed up with illustrator and friend Jenny Walton for a vintage-inspired twinset!

“Carolyn and I instantly hit it off between our shared love of Fifties knitwear and our similar craft-based upbringings — my mother is an amazing quilter and Carolyn grew up around her grandmother’s knit embroidery family business,” Walton told WWD. “When she mentioned that her father had saved up deadstock yarn, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something special together.”

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Ply-Knits launches a responsibly-sourced cashmere capsule for legendary tastemaking boutique Browns London. All cashmere sourced has sustainable land management and animal welfare practices. 



Uplifting energy
26 March

Although the global pandemic currently has the West tightly in its grip, hope comes in the form of a beacon from the East, where recovery and reawakening is already afoot. The Hong Kong-based knitwear label Ply-Knits brings a similar message of optimism with its latest collection and lookbook, which was created at the end of Febuary when most of China was on lockdown. Despite the extended closure of founder Carolyn Yim’s family-owned factory in Dongguan, Yim combatted a low budget and restricted mobility to create a series of still-life images that relied on neotenic compositions to evoke feelings of warmth and empathy. Inspired by the works of Erwin Wurm, the lookbook features a cast of different characters assembled out of Ply-Knits’ latest cashmere capsule collection for Browns London. Ranging from familiar crewneck and turtleneck silhouettes, teamed with oversized sleeves, extra loose bodies and zigzag ribbed cuffs, the succinct collection packs a vibrant punch that reiterates that brighter times will soon be round the corner. 



Washable Wool

We source esteemed mill Botto Giuseppe's A Grade superfine 140's merino from New Zealand for our sweaters. The result is a lustrous merino soft to the most sensitive skin. What's more, the sweater is naturally machine washable. No chemicals like silicone added. 

Fiber Notes:


Our family has made knitwear for luxury brands for three generations. Now we want to share them directly to you -- including all the beautiful, unusual yarns we have deadstocked over the decades. Yarns with character that you can no longer find on high street nor designer labels anymore. 

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"Quickly on track to modernize the way we think about knit,"

"Subtle yet unforgettable; its palettes are rich and its designs hold a quiet sophistication,"

"Redefines everyday luxury with its holistic design approach," 

"Sustainable knitwear brand reclaiming what it means to be Made in China,"

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