Discover Belgian Linen silk

For Midsummer

Spun from flax, Belgian linen has been summer's beloved material for centuries. Next, it is blended with mulberry silk in the Northern Italy at the home of slow food, Piedmont. The final yarn makes a knit that is cool and luxurious. We re-imagined it as a knitted shirt for multiple ways of wear — a cardigan, a shirt, a button-up, and a cover-up.

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From our family Knitting factory


Three generations of knitwear's finest. That means, the best yarns and best practices only. Careful choices for your knits and our planet for the next generations to come.

towards New legacy

A twist on tradition

Good knitwear is our passion, and we want to share it directly to you. Especially all the beautiful, unusual yarns we have collected over the decades. Luxurious yarns with character that is hard to find on designer racks today.

What They're Saying


"Quickly on track to modernize the way we think about knit,"

"Subtle yet unforgettable; its palettes are rich and its designs hold a quiet sophistication,"

"Redefines everyday luxury with its holistic design approach," 

"Sustainable knitwear brand reclaiming what it means to be Made in China,"

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