The word "ply" is the namesake of our little brand, and a term that, while used judiciously throughout the apparel industry, remains one of the least understood by the consumer.

In the world of textiles, the yarns that are woven into the garments we wear are graded in varying thicknesses from 1 to 12. These grades are called "plies". When utilized deliberately, every ply -- from rare superfine 1-ply spun silks to ultra-plush 12-ply Alashan cashmeres -- has a beautiful role to play in the garment. Unbeknown to most however, the majority of knitwear in the market today is an industry default 2-ply due to not careful consideration, regardless of function, form or end-use.

Our name "Ply-Knits" is thus a pointed departure from this common trend. Ply-Knits stands for in name and deed the durable quality, thoughtful selection, and considered construction that produce timeless garments, not trends. Dreamt out of family archives using old rare deadstock yarns and reinterpreted old patterns, we offer a collection of simple, ageless and beautifully constructed knitwear ready to adorn a lifetime.
"Because I use yarns in the full range from superfine 1-ply up to ultra-thick 12-ply, Ply-Knits can be worn all year round. I designed it this way as I travel between Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and London, which are all of different climates, and want to pack simply yet with style. So Ply-Knits is at once on the surface quite practical, simplifying, but underneath is composed of something very special and thoughtful."
"In addition, I also like the idea of naming luxury, expensive cashmere as something as quotidian as ply -- the word ply makes me think of plywood or Kleenex. It is this understatement, a sense of quiet restraint, that permeates the Ply-Knits aesthetic. Furthermore, as the name Ply-Knits is so plainly unembellished, it gives me breathing space for creative freedom without one narrow, defined Ply-Knits look. Similarly, there is not one singular "Ply-Knits woman." Instead, Ply-Knits can fit in and be interpreted differently by many different people's unique aesthetics and styles. (This is a big ethos of Ply-Knits -- that the clothing should never wear the woman, but the woman and her innate style and confident decorum, comes first. It is quite gauche otherwise when a woman is dressed head to toe in a full look like a mannequin!)"
"Last but not least, ply also means to work steadily, particularly in reference to one's trade. Indeed, my family's been slowly yet surely been in the knitwear trade for three generations now. So altogether, underneath the plain and technical name of Ply-Knits stands simplicity, elegance, steadfastness, usefulness, and a way of life."