A Storied Way of Knitting

At PlyKnits, knitwear is in the DNA. Ply—Knits' designer and owner Carolyn Yim's family have been passionately making the best knitwear for luxury brands for three generations. 
It all started seven decades ago in Hong Kong, where Carolyn's designer-entrepreneur grandmother started a business. She embroidered colorful sequins and beads on sweaters by hand.
Business was a huge success. Her beaded sweaters were very popular with worldwide buyers from Bergdorf Goodman, Lane Crawford, El Corte Inglés, Le Bon Marché. What set Carolyn's grandmother apart is her attention to detail.
As business grew, Carolyn's father returned home from New York. He had just finished his engineering and MBA degrees at Columbia University. He instills forward-thinking social values and operational backbone to the family company.
There are 2 steps to make a T-shirt, but 28 steps to make a sweater. Not easy at all! Carolyn's father brought in the latest technology. That means top of the line knitting machinery from Shima Seiki Japan, and linking machinery from Exacta Italy, and the best knitwear engineers and talent from Hong Kong.
Carolyn was born.
The family factory continued to grow, and produced knitwear for big international luxury brands. They loved the sweaters' quality and the company's sustainable business practices.
Over the years, Carolyn noticed her father had saved a lot of rare and special yarns. There are heritage cottons, soft linens, delicate silks, and buttery cashmeres. She couldn't bear wasting them.
So, Ply-Knits was born, standing on the shoulders of giants who really know how to make a good sweater. Luxury quality yarns and knits without the markup, as it is literally direct from the factory. 
Carolyn's grandmother still comes to the family office to offer help and design ideas. She is 98 this year.
Thank you.