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"Forbes: What inspired you to launch your label?

I was inspired by the Slow Food movement. Carlo Petrini started Slow Food in Cuneo, Italy in 1986 against McDonald's and fast-food. Food should be local, clean, fair — terms we now take for granted in a Whole Foods, but was uncommon at the time. He also believed if diners could see who grew their vegetables, milked their cows, and raised their chickens, diners would respect their food more. Farmers would also put more care into their farming and grow better crops. I believe the same should exist in clothing."


"Knitwear designer, Carolyn Yim has never taken a traditional approach to the family business. A Columbia literature grad, Yim folds in principles of philosophy and art theory into her approach. Yim grew up in Hong Kong, and acquired a deep appreciation of materials from her father at the family's third generation knitting factory. This form the basis for a practice that considers every aspect of knitwear, from the types of dye used to the sourcing of the wool. Meticulously thorough with a deep reverence for the family trade, Yim's Ply-Knits is quickly on track to modernize the way we think about knit." 


"Filled with invisible details, such as elastic thread or reinforced waistbands to support regular wear, along with unexpected knit patterns that bestow minimalist styles with a seductive impact, Ply-Knits redefines everyday luxury with its holistic design approach."


 "Focusing heavily on putting materials first, by prioritizing what's used and how it's treated during the design and manufacturing processes...Yim's process includes examining boxes of her family's old knitwear pieces and reinterpreting them with a modern eye, creating pieces that transcend trend cycles and that are built to last and to be cherished."

from NYLON


Celebrity Sienna Miller in Ply-Knits Easton tee
Editor Michelle Li in Ply-Knits Frida sweater
Illustrator Jenny Walton in Ply-Knits Galen shirt
Stylist Elizabeth Cardinal in Ply-Knits Eliot shirt

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