Jenny Walton for Ply-Knits 02: Stranger Than Paradise

Illustrator Jenny Walton and institutional knitwear producer Ply-Knits come together for their second whimsical collaboration — Stranger Than Paradise. Jim Jarmusch's film of the same title follows his protagonists down from New York to Miami to seek something magical: "I just wanna get out'a here, see sump'in different, ya know?" Often, they eventually find, magic is in the unexpected moments. It is no different for Jenny, as she drove down to Miami with her fiancé and famed streetstyle photographer Scott Schuman, who captured these technicolor portraits. Beauty is in slowing down and seeing. Spring's first sun, scent of a momentary breeze, spectacular color paletting, surprisingly tactile textures. A year in isolation brings out heightened appreciation and senses. For this second collection, we celebrate our instinctual joy in beauty. Especially in details  — just wait until you see the intricate hand-make in this couture-level beadwork, surrealist trompe l'oeil, textural brushed mohair, with Jenny's fresh color palette that we know and love. I hope you, too, love our magical.
Top—The Seemingly-Sunglasses Top in Crimson Italian Mohair $595
Cardigan—The Classical Cardigan in Crimson Italian Mohair $248
Top—The Feasibly-A-Vee Top in Aqua Italian Mohair $595
Cardigan—The Classical Cardigan in Aqua Italian Mohair $248
Top—The Conceivably-Cateye Top in Mint Italian Mohair $595
Cardigan—The Classical Cardigan in Mint Italian Mohair $248
Top—The Nearly-Necklace Top in Cream Italian Mohair $595
Cardigan—The Classical Cardigan in Oatmilk Italian Mohair $248