L'Homme de Rio (1964)

Over here at the Sunday Paper, good architecture delights as much as fine cinema. This week we share you the stylish L'Homme de Rio (That Man From Rio, 1964), directed by Philippe de Broca, starring beloved Nouvelle Vague celebutante Jean-Paul Belmondo and Françoise Dorléac. With a hero in pastiche of a French James Bond, the film's city-trotting script was directly inspired by Hergé's The Adventures of Tin Tin, which subsequently inspired the Indiana Jones saga. (Spielberg admitted!)

Most notable is the film's wide-spanning frames, set upon architect Oscar Niemeyer's futurist city Brasília. The UNESCO city was still being built during filming in 1962, creating an "accidental" and opportune film set of eerie alienation and surrealist aesthetic.

Should this film delight, we have a little selection of other dependably stylish films for you to see this week, below.


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