Blade Runner (1982)

Good morning. At this sleepy corner of this internet, your humble editor awakes abruptly in contemplation of what lies ahead. Perhaps we must grapple with the past to see the future; the imagination of the electrical age has captured our attention of late. We turn to no other than Ridley Scott's neo-noir masterpiece Blade Runner for cinematic scenes alight in neon.

Scott's visual scenes are a delight to the eyes. He drew on Edward Hopper's Nighthawks painting, French sci-fi comic Métal Hurlant, and scenes of, we quote, "Hong Kong on a bad day". This is not the first time the neon cacophony of Hong Kong inspires. Cult sci-fi anime Ghost in The Shell (1995)'s dystopian setting was also based on Hong Kong, illustrated by hand in incredible detail by Hiromasa Ogura.

Note, if you are to watch Blade Runner, there is no other way than to watch the Director's Cut. Scott's original ending was deemed too vague for mass audiences, so the Final Cut and Theatrical Ending versions leave far little to the imagination. Trust us, voracious film goer!



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