Portraits: Girl with the Sculptural Earring

Zaga is the woman in the portraits, and she's caught our center of attention at the moment. She's walked as a runway model for Calvin Klein, but now is an interior design student. You may also recognize her frequent appearances in Maryam Nassir Zadeh's presentations and lookbooks. On set, she had a carefree lilt to her spirit, yet at once the seriousness of a thoughtful old soul. She inhabited our knitwear quickly in her own way, bringing forth a sense of gravitas while not taking herself too seriously. Her individuality and personal dignity was apparent, along with an instinctive eye for distinctive taste. Thus, throughout the photoshoot day, we wished to shoot Zaga as who she is, keeping in mind how she would wear Ply–Knits in her own way. 


The Dignity of Personal Style

Bodysuits, raw-edge denim, boyish overalls, exaggerated palazzo pants are balanced with our knitwear: an incisively tipped 12-ply cashmere cardigan, lightly architectural mocknecks informed by decisive ribbing lines, and a robust 6-ply cashmere turtleneck. For that's what we believe in here at PlyKnits. We believe everyone has their own quirks in their personality and character. To mask it, to cover up over it is a small act that disrepects our dignity. We designed Ply–Knits clothing as unusually quiet and anonymous, deliberately adaptable to whoever you are.