Chang Tee in Nero


This mandarin collar top is aptly named after 50's Shanghainese writer and cultural critic Eileen Chang. Did you know the mandarin collar was first worn by women on May 4th, 1919? When female university students marched for a modern China alongside their male peers, they also wore the traditionally male gendered qipao. But, instead of wearing the full qipao suit-set, they wore just the top half as a long dress, paired with stockings. The "pink pussyhat" of 1919, if you will!

Yarn Étude:
The Herringbone
Yarn Composition: Technical Viscose
Yarn Provenance, Year: Biella IT, 2013
Yarn Notes: Technical, Dry, Lustrous
Yarn Ply: 2

The "Chang"

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