A Library of Considered Knits

The philosophy behind our collection is one should collect a library of uncomplicated, elegant knitwear over time. (We love knitwear as it is easy to wear, sheds wrinkles, and travels well.) Our collection is pieces that fit kindly into your wardrobe, and over time, often reveal themselves to you as a familiar protagonist, a trusted companion, a reliable sweater.

What does this mean? Substantial quality, considered design details, careful choices of material... Altogether, a series of good choices taken during the design process. For instance, we chose silk-cashmere instead of just cashmere for the underpinning―it is more structurally sound, and soft and supple against your skin. Silk, as with grandmothers' tales, keeps you warmer too. 

We open our collection to you, with a wide range of knitwear in plys from ½ ― 12.